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Choose which films to develop and export, removing unwanted rendering and reducing storage. Designed by Super 8 film enthusiasts for Super 8 film enthusiasts. Print your iSupr8 still photography with Printicular- The easiest way to send your Android's pictures to Walgreens. Please contact us directly at isupr8 meamobile. Your input is greatly appreciated. Magdagdag ng dumi, alikabok at butil sa iyong mga pelikula upang lumikha ng isang obra maestra.

Gawing hitsura ng video camera ng iyong telepono ang orihinal na Kodak Super 8mm film.

Walgreens Photo Center Pros & Cons

I-import ang iyong mga lumang video o lumikha ng bagong footage gamit ang built in na Super 8mm camera. Ang iSupr8 ay ang pinaka-advanced na mobile Super 8 filter ng pelikula sa mundo. Ang iSupr8 ay hindi lamang isang kasiya-siya na bagong app, ito ay isang pagsisikap upang mabuhay na muli at dagdagan ang kamalayan ng isang komersyal na namamatay na format sa isang bagong henerasyon, pati na rin ang isang tool sa produksyon para sa mga filmmaker na naghahanap ng isang tunay, vintage look.

Habang ang pagbuo ng iSupr8, ang karamihan ng oras at enerhiya ay ginugol na tinitiyak na ang grado ng kulay ay kasing tunay na posible. Walang mga filter o murang mga overlay sa proseso ng pangkulay.

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Gumawa ng bagong mga alaala na may isang lumang sipa ng paaralan para sa pamilya at mga kaibigan. Ang isang in-app viewer ay nagbibigay ng isang simpleng pangkalahatang-ideya ng iyong mga video, habang ang isang pagbabahagi ng function na kasama ang camera roll, email at Facebook. Piliin kung aling mga pelikula ang bubuo at i-export, alisin ang hindi ginustong pag-render at pagbawas ng imbakan. Dinisenyo ng mga mahilig sa Super 8 na pelikula para sa Super 8 na taong mahilig sa pelikula.

Photo developers share the weirdest things they’ve seen on customers' cameras | The Independent

I-print ang iyong iSupr8 pa rin photography na may Printicular- Ang pinakamadaling paraan upang ipadala ang mga larawan ng iyong Android sa Walgreens. Mangyaring makipag-ugnay sa amin nang direkta sa isupr8 meamobile.

How to Scan 35mm Film (Beginner Tutorial)

Ang iyong input ay lubos na pinahahalagahan. Mga Review Patakaran sa Review. Your suggestions and positive reviews are helping to guide our next version. Thank you for your support. If you like iSupr8 checkout Printicular- The easiest way to send your phone's pictures to Walgreens. Family Library. Matuto nang Higit Pa. Tingnan ang mga detalye. I-flag bilang hindi naaangkop.

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Bisitahin ang website. Tumingin nang higit pa. Viber Messenger. Viber Media S. Viber - Free messages and calls with anyone, anywhere! It's hit-or-miss. I had to stop using the one by my house because the negatives were coming back with an unacceptable amount of schmutz and crud on them.

I suggest you try one roll to start with and see how it goes. Jan 14, 3. I've used both CVS and Walgreens. Both do well enough for me, though I'm not very particular. I stopped using CVS after I noticed that they were cutting through the negative a disturbing number of times to sleeve them.

Never had a problem with Walgreens, I just wish it was cheaper. I feel like I should get higher resolutions scans for that price, but you can't beat it for convenience. I'd also suggest giving them a test roll and see if you like the results, every location is going to vary. Jan 14, 4. Messages: 3, My local Target is very good, but I wouldn't trust any random Target as much. Jan 14, 5. What others have already said, some CVS's do pretty good and some of them will ruin your film. Give them a trial roll before you trust them with anything important.

Jan 14, 6. Messages: 2, The only one left with in store processing right around me is Walgreens. The closest Target is far enough I never get to it. And Costco is near Target. I don't make it there much either. But I agree that it is the local staff, not the chain that determines if they're worth a hoot. Jan 14, 7. Messages: 8, It depends on the machine and how it is kept in your individual store.

However, I doubt there are many people left in any drugstore chain who really know anything about photo processing. By now it has to be the blind leading the blind.

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They probably provide their lab techs with no formal training whatsoever on how to handle negatives. I watched a clerk grab my film in the middle without even considering that fingerprints might be an issue. My prints also came back all covered with crap, and my negs scratched all to hell.

I am sure that means that the chemistry is ill maintained as well. The scans are pretty crummy too. Pro lab fees are a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things. They are well worth it IMHO. Jan 14, 8. Jan 14, 9. I am very surprised that this is the case based on what I have seen, but good for them. Jan 14, I hate Walmart as much as the next guy, but all their film goes to Fuji.

Or at least it used to do so. They have no local C41 capacity in my area.

beta.cmnv.org/unshrink-yourself-other-people-business-the-world.php One would expect that Fuji could get it right. Last edited by a moderator: Jan 14, Jan 15, I have some gold on a few rolls those are definitely going to Flair not trusting CVS with those things. Messages: 6,